North Attleboro Home – Warm, Welcoming, & Comfortable

What does one look for in a home? Most say I will know it when I open the door. It’s that special feeling, that emotion that strikes a familiar cord or Scientist will remind us that our 7 senses are a work. The brain is receiving, interpreting and organizing input from all of the active senses at any given moment; Sight, Smell, Taste, Hearing, Touch, Vestibular and Proprioception.

Custom round house sign

North Attleboro Two Story Coloniel

North Attleboro Letterman Jacket

Pass the Salt & Pepper please…….

How many times do you think these walls have heard that?  Can you just imagine the dinner time stories told around the table. Or how about all the celebrations! The Thanksgiving Turkey craving. Blowing out the birthday candles. Graduation party buffet table and so many more memorable family events

Oak Dining Room set North Attleboro

Custom White Bathroom

The Oasis awaits! Relive at the end of a long hot summer day. After graduation party- everybody in the pool. Watching the Kid’s Day fireworks by the fire pit poolside with friends and family. Teaching a child how to swim and witnessing your instruction and their trust results.

Backyard fire pit and pool North Attleboro

Custom water feature

Some of the best learning can happen on the way to school.

Forging lifetime friendships one school day at a time.  A neighborhood collaboration generated the creation of the coolest school bus bench in North Attleboro.

Bus stop bench

Black Wall quote

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